Zbigniew Flakus
is an Art Director
based in Warsaw



Released  2017 by Elastic Dog
Clusters is a quirky blend of IDM, Ambient and Breakcore with analog synth sounds, drum machines, cross-frequency modulation and glitches. Mix/Production: Elastic Dog, Mastering: Barry Gardner

Just This, Not You  

Released August 2, 2017 by Elastic Dog music project.

The moment when you get to the kitchen and then release, what the hell I am doing here. Glassy liquids with slow moves of eyeballs. A quirky blend of analog amps, old microphones and samples of stuff from around.

Separate Fragments

Released December 12, 2016
Separate Fragment is a motion picture music served in four parts. 

Holly Element*  

released September 9, 2017

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